Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Victim of Indifference

I fail to see the merit in expensive accessories-- shoes, bags and otherwise. Perhaps my bias rests on my practical nature and an embarassingly classic sense of style. For me, a monogram print just doesn't cut it. Despite a widely held belief, it seems to deteriorate the very essence of luxury and dare I say, individualism?

I'm not arrogant or naive enough to suggest that society does not fall prey to commercialism. It's unavoidable and plus, who would want to return to subsistence anyway? My only qualm is lies in quality, comfort, elegance and yes, even style.

The price for the fashionable is a hefty one, a simple accessory can cost upward of $1000 for just their mediocre model. And one simply can't justify the cost.

A great cashemere sweater envelops you in its baby softness and delicate warmth, a high-end foundation fills in the imperfections like a silky second skin, best-cut diamonds sparkle seemlessly under the worst fluorescent lighting-- all expensive items but all justifiably so.

In the world of economics, price usually reflects quality. But when that pair Jimmy Choos are cutting into the heel of both of my feet (and I'm just standing on set, not even walking mind you) and I'm limping home like a victim of an automobile accident... there's something decidely absent in the quality department.

In the end, it's paying for the brand, but why? It's impressive? It's in? To whom?

When I go to castings and shoots, all the models wear the same thing. Jeans, a tanktop and an enormous oversized bag (big enough to carry heels, the portfolio and a change of clothes just in case) with wide straps that don't cut into the shoulders.

If someone expects me to be a walking logo, then they sure as hell better be paying me well for the endorsement.

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