Friday, May 30, 2008

Thursday, May 29, 2008

@#(*& !

I'm in angst. Model agency angst.

Bermuda Sunday. Thank goodness.


Edit:// I just switched agencies from MC2 Models to Wilhelmina Models. Cross your fingers for me and hope the switch was for the better!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Heart of the Matter

The idea that people are unchangeable is suppositious to me. All it takes is the right words, the right kiss, the right soul and those painstaking preconveived notions fall apart. And that jerk who likes to smirk so enticingly with his over geled hair becomes that jerk who tucks the last strand of hair accross your face behind you ear two years later.


All it takes is you in this hollow trench. Turn sideways and I'm torn between wanting it all and nothing at all.


We're going away away! To the beaches of Bermuda. It's been a year since we've gotten that close to the equator so I'm going to be fully prepared with the good stuff for the double-take.

I'll go wherever you go silly.

Make Up Recommendation: Laura Mercier's Traslucent loose powder gives a great finishing touch. Just sweep a brush accross your face (make sure to tap the brush before application to avoid powder bunching). Start with your T-Zone first and then finish with your cheeks. Use minimally lest you want to look like a ghost. This powder really gives you a flawless look.

Brush Recommendation: Bobby Brown's foundation powder brush. The bristles are so soft and they pick up the powder evenly so that when you go to apply, everything is oh so very smooth.

Mac's contouring brush is great for applying blush or bronzer. It makes blushes look really even and not give you super red cheeks that belong on a raggedy ann doll. And of course it's great for contouring.

Ashtar Command- Blister of the Spotlight (ft. Rachael Yamagata).