Thursday, August 28, 2008

The American Dream

Without any doubt nor ambiguity; we live in the greatest country in the world.

With only dreams and tenacity at hand, the ability to achieve anything is not only a possibility but quintessentially dubbed The American Dream. This is a country where an estranged immigrant with only twenty-four dollars in his pocket and a citizenship obtained through political asylum can just fifteen years later become a multi-millionaire with broken english-- I know that man, I call him dad.

Growing up in America, I've only just begun to realize the magnitude of the American spirit. Strange how we can take for granted even the most basic rights that are refused by billions of people in the world. I can only begin to describe the awed envious looks on the faces of many others in an international airport when I flash that navy-blue passport that so proudly says "The United States of America" because united we are, by the common thread of being alien in a new land, of working hard to achieve greatness and of our undying devotion to our undeniable rights.

We are by no means perfect, but the pursuit of something greater than you and I, that is the pursuit of equality and opportunity drives us to strive for the better. If we want something bad enough, we as Americans will always without fail get it. We're a country founded by people that believed in change, to escape the tyranny of the old world politics, to practice what they believed in their very core to be right.

So Obama is right tonight when he says that we're not a "blue America or a red America" but the United States of America. And forgive me for being idealistic, but together we can build a country that will be worthy of the world's envy.

And when people tell me how this country is falling apart and how this country is trailing wayward, I just smile and nod. Because they don't know yet, they haven't seen America through my eyes. They don't know what it's like to be hungry in a third world country (at the time), they don't know what it's like to never have seen a car, the don't know what it feels like to know that working hard does not equate to proportional success-- I do, I was there and I love the US of A.


By the way, I'm still on my raw journey. I can't seem to get into your blog but I just wanted to update you!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Selective Amnesia

Post tomorrow.

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