Saturday, June 14, 2008

Beauty Inside & Out

The pursuit of the perfect physique is exhausting. Fat free, sugar free and low cal are the mantra of a poor dieter like me. All the painstaking nights of starvation and the intoxicating mornings(caffeine and all) leaves no satisfaction.

Waiting for a miracle drug leads to the deceptive art of buying product, endless useless, expensive (but oh so shiny!) products. Vitamins, lotions and all of aisle 6 at the Drug Store are the staple of contemporary health.

I want to once and for all, reject all this BS. GNC should not be our health store! There are no easy fix-its and I think we all need to come to terms with that. There is no miracle cure, if there was, the diet beauty and health industry would not be a multi-billion dollar sector.

They're scared to tell you to look down the produce aisle because once you do, you'll never look back. Detoxify your body with nature and yes I know, even I am cringing at my hippy-osity right now. Don't fall prey to crazy fads that yield fast results like the Master Cleanse or a liquid diet. You only get one body and you don't want to be that cadaver on last week's Discovery Channel with the black-tar like intestine. You don't need expensive product or makeup to look and feel great.

I wouldn't say it if I didn't whole-heartedly believe it. Eat right. Drink real vegetable juice and not V8, invest in a juicer, you don't need 6 meals a day (when does your body get a break from digesting? Of course you're tired all the time, your body is wasting all its energy on breaking down your breakfast, your pre-lunch snack, your lunch and your afternoon snack), that's phoo-ha. Only eat fruits in the morning and not with anything else or else it will ferment in your body (watermelon excluded). Yes you're having indigestion because eating starches releases alkalines and eating meat releases acid so when you eat them together they negate and food doesn't get digested. But don't take my word for it. The best beauty advice I can give is to go out there and find a raw food detox book, the recipes are amazing. I couldn't believe it myself but I made my own ice cream and salad dressing even though the kitchen is completely foreign to me.

Natalie Rose's The Raw Food Detox Diet book is a real eye-opener. Stupid as it seems, it changed my life. Do yourself a favor and start making a change. Even a little bit will do. You won't regret it. I haven't been happier, more awake and if anything, not for your health then I hope that radiant skin, bouncy hair and quick weight loss will prompt you at least take a peek =).

There are no cosmetics that I can recommend more than this but I will definitely continue next time with more cosmetic recmmendations.

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