Saturday, August 15, 2009

I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane

I'm leaving my old life behind and for the first time I'll be on my own in Michigan. I know I should be excited but all I can do is hold back these dark shadows.

I'm trying so hard to not make the same mistakes but everything is clear only in hindsight. If I learned anything these past few months, it's that we're 'giving it away'. They say time heals all but I still think about Casey every day. I know I should be thankful that his death was the biggest tragedy in my life but I can't seem to find the grace. And I feel so ungrateful for being so bitter about Casey or leaving home because it's so small in comparison to the heartbreak in the world.

Isn't it strange how it always comes down to the little things? These little things that you take for granted like waking up next to someone or the way someone smells.

There will always be vestiges of the past that lingers on but slow and steady like the little drummer boy, we march on.

I just hope God can forgive me for being so selfish.

Seems like it's been forever since you've been gone