Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Law School is everything I expected.

I thought I would like the people and I do. I knew the professors would be brilliant and they are. I figured I would study ten to sixteen (during finals) hours a day and boy did I.

What can I say? Most of the time I go from point A (my apartment) to point B (Hutchins Hall) and sometimes I even go to a mysterious point C (supermarket).

I guess the only big surprise is how easy it is to have a long distance relationship. Sure, I know a person or two that couldn't pull through but almost everyone is blissfully faithful. It all comes down to the fundamentals. How happy are you?


Do you ever want to pull someone out from a long-drawn-out painful and fiery death from a slow-moving train wreck? I do. I have a friend-- you know... that proverbial friend-- who is with this person that's so damn wrong but they just won't do something about it. And they're never wrong in an obscene eyebrow-piercing-woman-beating-animal-killing-make-love-to-a-corpse way; that would be too easy. Usually, they're wrong in a way that is so subtle and so minute where it's easy to ignore that nagging feeling in the pit of your stomach that screams "get out".

I don't know, we've all been there done that. I know I have. You think to yourself that if you could change this one thing about this person, that they would be perfect. But almost perfect is not enough, not for me. And no one should ever have to settle for anything less.

We're all afraid to leave our comfort zone... to take the next step forward. But that's what we have to do-- keep moving forward. Maybe it's me but I would rather be alone than unhappy even for a second.

I'm glad I took that step and I suppose I will have to just sit on the sidelines and watch their God awful crash.

Who doesn't love a fireworks show?