Saturday, January 12, 2008

Yes sir, the water is fine!

It's funny, the depths of our insecurities will haunt us all our lives. The possibilities slip away from us to our detriment and the paths unpursued lingers in the mind singing the woes of what could have been. Most of hateful of all is its ability to mask honesty and the truth... heck the truth will set us free as some literary giant or other probably said and we're wasting it all away.

Maybe we're scared to be ourselves because it's so god-awfully hard to find people that might just take us as we are. The default shallow fallback is just so easy, why work any harder?

So to escape the scrutiny of insecurity is a happy wonder. I'm knee deep in the giggle fits (yes giggles) of friends in unlikely places and we're ourselves (or at least I hope we are) and I never knew what it feels like to be honest among people like the way I'm honest now.

To be in the company of real friends, to love someone other than your lover and family lets you be free of those pesky flaws for just a few small hours and it's just so nice we wonder why we can't do it more until we meet the unsteady gaze of a passing stranger and the immediate default inevitably resumes.

But still, my favorite moments might just be screaming uncontrollably over a serious four-person Tennis match on Wii... and I can't help but feel free.

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Hey Angel,
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